All that we can do for your dog

Scissor cut

Many breeds cant be clipped because we damage their skin and hair. 

Dog Bath & Brush

Great for dogs who need just a bath to maintain a healthy-looking coat, clean ears and trimmed nails.

Clipper and scissor cut

We can work with both techniques to get a nice haircut 

Breed cut

You can choose a breed cut for your dog, even if your dog is a mix but similar to someone.

Fashion and cool

We can groom your dog creating a new image with stickers, top knots o colours. Ask us about it.

Medicated bath

Does you have to bath him frecuently because of some skin disease?

Anal glands

Keeping your dog's sanitary area clean helps prevent symptoms associated with anal gland irritation. 


Regular cleaning of the ears helps minimize build-ups & may help prevent painful ear infections. Also it can help uncover any underlying condition that may be present.


Prevents painful splaying & splitting of the nails